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Common Home Appliance Issues and Resolutions

Most homeowners will encounter at least a couple of appliance issues at some point during their life. Things break everyday and in this article we will list some of the most common problems encountered with appliances and how to fix them.

  • The refrigerator is not getting cold - Try dusting the condenser coils, which could help prevent the fridge from overheating. Unplug the fridge and remove the grille, usually at the bottom in front, and then use a vacuum to suck up the debris. Turn the refrigerator back on and see if it begins to get cooler over the next hour.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not provide enough suction - Try changing the bag or emptying the canister first. If that doesn't work check the hose for clogging.
  • The freezer door will not shut tight - Double check to see if you have too much packed into the door shelves. Another common problem could be that the appliance is not level and at an angle. Check the angle by placing a level on top for balance. If unbalanced add some cardboard or other material to the unlevel side.
  • Appliance won't turn on - Reset the circuit breaker due to potentially blown fuses
  • Fridge is leaking water - Check the dispenser lines, drain pan, and clogged drains. Also make sure nothing is directly blocking the condenser in the back of the fridge and freezer.

Sometimes the appliance is broken to the extent that the typical homeowner can not fix the problem. For example, none of the above resolutions may help repair your issue, or perhaps the washing machine has clothes stuck in the cycle, or the garbage disposal simply won't work. Sometimes we just don't want to bother try fixing things ourselves. If you fall into any of these situations consider contacting a local appliance repair service to come out to analyze and fix your appliance.

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